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Terms of Sales

  1. Nature of the reservation contract

Entre2hauts is a self-employed company specializing in guiding and teaching within the framework of the prerogatives provided by the "DEJEPS, Perfectionnement Sportif, Climbing in the natural environment"  and the "BEES 1st degree of sailing".

Entre2Hauts is represented by Million Frédéric (auto-entrepreneur, SIRET  : 84145930800026) VAT not applicable, article 293B of the CGI.

These T&Cs concern the reservation contracts binding Frédéric Million and the customers.

The customer undertakes to transmit all the information described in this contract to all the participants in his group and before the start of the chosen services.


   2. Effective date of the reservation contract:

The reservation contract for one of the activities becomes effective  after return of good reception  by Million Frédéric of the registration form duly completed and accompanied by payment of 30% of the total amount of the service.

Million Frédéric undertakes to make this return by email, as soon as possible, after receipt of the last element necessary for the reservation.

Million Frédéric cannot be held responsible for the non  receipt of this email  by the customer for reasons beyond his control (internet connection, SPAM, etc.).

For associations and communities (  IME, ITEP, etc.)  in the case of contracts over several weeks, an agreement must be signed by both parties

It ends at the end of the last activity or session  chosen by all the participants in the group, described in the reservation.


   3.  Payments for reservations and balances of  benefits

The deposit must be paid by bank checks, by bank transfer, by Pay Pal and this within 8 days of sending the email confirming receipt of the elements necessary for the reservation (payment of the deposit, registration form)

The balance will be paid before the start of the activity, either by bank check or by bank transfer or Pay-Pal payment (transfer or payment notices must be presented before the start of the session)  

When registering several participants or a group, it belongs to the participant entitled "participant 1 or Customer"  to transfer essential information to registrants on the same registration form, and to organize the centralization of the various regulations.

   4. Cancellation of the contract by the instructor 

  • For non-compliance with safety instructions

Due to the requirements of safety and quality of service, the instructor takes all the care and seriousness necessary for the organization of his activity, with all the experience, knowledge, attention, professionalism and technical means put implemented to minimize risk. However, this cannot constitute a total guarantee of safety for the participants, due to the objective dangers inherent in this type of activity. He  these are outdoor activities, which for the most part are said to be "  specific environment  (art. R212-7 (c. sport)).

  It is therefore  It is essential for participants to strictly respect the instructions given by the instructor. Voluntary non-compliance with these safety instructions may lead to exclusion from a course or activity without compensation.

  • For No Show  :

Any no-show, date, place and time of the scheduled activity will not give rise to any refund, and Million Frédéric will be able to claim the total amount of the scheduled service.

  • Cancellation for any other reason  :

For any other reason (weather, etc.  ) than those mentioned above, any cancellation by the instructor will give rise to a full or partial refund, in proportion to the part  of the service concerned.

   4.  Cancellation by the trainee

Any cancellation on the part of the trainee must be mentioned as soon as possible by telephone or email.

In the event of cancellation on your part more than 15 days from the first day of the stay or activity, the deposit will be fully refunded. 

In case of cancellation on your part between 15 days and 24 hours  first day of the stay or activity, the deposit is fully retained but can be carried over to an identical or different stay or activity on other dates.

In case of cancellation less than 24 hours before the activity, Million Frédéric   reserves the right to request full payment in relation to the chosen activity.

A refund is made unconditionally only in the event of inability to carry out the activity, upon presentation of a medical certificate. This reimbursement concerns only the person named in the said certificate.

   5. Respect of schedules

The client must arrive on the specific day and at the times mentioned on the reservation contract.

In case of late or delayed arrival of more than 20  minutes, the customer must contact the monitor in charge of the activity  as quickly as possible. 

Failure to comply with this last point may be considered as a no-show.

Late arrival at the activity may result in a delay in the end of the activity without this delay or extension of activity being an obligation.

The instructor can simply carry out a shortened activity if this is possible or even cancel the activity without compensation if it is no longer possible in the remaining time.

   6.  Modifications of activities and Change of price:

If the number of participants is greater, Million Frédéric is entitled not to accept additional people for reasons of safety or availability of equipment or supervision and to charge a supplement.

  In all cases, if the number of participants varies, the customer must inform Frédéric Million at least 24 hours before the service.

Otherwise, any reserved place is due.

Shortened activity: a partial refund in the event of an activity shortened by the customer is in no way an obligation.


Activities may be modified depending on weather conditions.  

In case of transfer to a climbing room,  the entrance to the climbing room will be paid by the client  in addition to activity.

    7. Minors

Parental or Collective Authorization: For any unaccompanied minor and whatever the activity carried out, parental authorization or collective authorization for any structure entrusting minors is compulsory.


For all minors, for whom an accompaniment is announced as compulsory   in the conditions of access to the activity, the accompanying adult must be a customer of the activity who must pay the registration in  good and  due   trained in this activity.

    8. Insurance

The instructor has subscribed, in accordance with the law, to a professional civil liability insurance policy for all of these activities (additional information on request).

This professional liability  cannot replace the individual civil liability of each of the participants. 

It will take effect upon payment of the entire service, ie before the start of the activity.

Individual accident liability insurance covering the practice of the proposed activities is also recommended.

It is the responsibility of the customer or his legal representative (for minors), to check whether he is covered by his insurance contracts, and to what extent, for the activities carried out.

The "  old camper  » offers multi-risk insurance that can cover all the activities offered by Frédéric Million  : .

In addition, Frédéric Million can, through the climbing federation (FFME), offer day insurance to insure the practitioner in civil liability. 

If the customer wishes to subscribe to this option, he must stipulate this by ticking the appropriate box in the registration form.

In the event of a bodily injury, my responsibility as an instructor will be released as soon as the patient is admitted to the hospital. Any hospital follow-up (treatment, transfer, repatriation) will be the responsibility of the personal insurance of the injured party.

"By registering (me or the minors for whom I am responsible) for any outdoor activity, I acknowledge having provided the management with any information that seemed useful to me on my psychological, physical or health profile,  to be fully informed of the risks inherent in the chosen activities,  accept the incompressible part of it and independent of any possible fault of the management and be informed of the usefulness and solutions of specific Personal Accident insurance”.

     9.  Inadequate skills and behaviors of participants.

The climbing instructor  reserves the right to refuse or have a participant stop an activity if it deems their abilities, attitude or behavior unsuitable.  


It is further the customer's responsibility to ensure that he and all participants in his group  have the necessary skills for the chosen activities and do not present any contraindication to the practice of these activities. The sporting and climbing level is specified for each activity, it is up to the customers to keep informed.


Frederic Million  declines all responsibility for the consequences of inappropriate behavior, non-compliance with instructions or undeclared insufficient capacities.


    10.  Material / Meals

Million Frederic  undertakes to provide the appropriate technical equipment, and in accordance with the standards in force,  with a view to carrying out the chosen activity, to all participants in the activity.

Million Frédéric is not responsible for items taken away by participants throughout the duration of the service (mobile phone, watch, go pro, cameras, etc.).

Million Frédéric can in no way include food and meals for customers in its services.

     11. Image rights/Personal data

"Image rights": all the images of the participants in (photographs or videos) taken during the performance by the monitor, may be used by Million Frédéric in order to promulgate its professional activity, via any available communication medium, with the tacit agreement of the persons filmed or photographed, provided that they are neither degrading nor demeaning.

Unless you request it in writing, sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and photo for your identification. In accordance with the relative to data processing, files and freedoms, you have a right of access and rectification or deletion of information concerning you.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act  n°78-17 of January 6, 1978, the customer has a right of access and rectification of personal data concerning him. Through us, the customer may receive information, proposals from other companies or associations. If the customer objects to this, simply indicate this in writing to Frédéric Million

   12. Transportation

Million Frédéric includes in the price of its services transport possibilities, up to 8 people.

These transports are limited  access, return and activity connections.

An insurance policy has been taken out for this purpose. 

This transport is a service rendered, it is in no way a commercial activity or an obligation towards the customer.




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